Abstracts and Papers Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstract should be submitted through Sciforum system: http://sciforum.net/conference/MIMEC2017

How to submit an abstract:
  1. Step 1: Click the link above to enter the MIMEC2017 page in Sciforum.
  2. Click the "Submit new abstract" button.
  3. Log in to your Sciforum account. If you do not have one yet, please register as a new user.
  4. Once logging in, you may proceed with abstract submission
  5. Step 2: Select a session. Make your selection and click "Next" button.
  6. In Step 3, enter (or copy and paste) the title, abstract, and keywords in the space provided. Also, make selection for Paper and Poster:
    • Paper: "Yes" if you intend to submit full paper later on (after abstract acceptance) OR "No" if you intend to submit abstract only.
    • Poster: "Yes" if you prefer to present by poster OR "No" if you prefer to do oral presentation
    • Talk: leave the selection as "No".
    Click "Next" afterwards
  7. Proceed to Step 4 to input the Author(s) and identifying the Presenter and Corresponding Author. You need to key in First Name, Last name, email, and affiliation.
  8. Click the "Save and send to editors" button to complete the abstract submission process.
    • There is no template for abstract submission.
    • If your submission is successful, you will receive submission ID, immediately in your Sciforum account and through email notification.
    • To submit multiple abstract(s), repeat the submission steps above.
    • Contact us if you found difficulty in submitting the abstract.
    • If you intend to submit abstract only (without full paper), you do not need to submit anything further.
    • Please fill in the Pre-Registration Form to start the registration process. The information will be used in acceptance letter and invoice. Also to inform us about your choice of journal publication for your full paper.

    Full Paper Submission
    • Submission of full paper should only be done after the abstract is accepted. Due is 15 September.
    • Identify the journal you wish to submit your full paper to. You may select up to 3 journals.
      • Ensure your paper is within the aims and scope of the journal. 
      • Registration fee only covers publishing fee/article processing charge in our partner journals without impact factor (but ISI/Scopus indexed). If you select the journal with impact factor, you will be charged with publishing fee/article processing charge by the journal on top of the registration fee for MIMEC2017.
    • Fill in the Pre-Registration Form. Mention and rank 3 journals you prefer.
    • Prepare your full paper according to the format/template of the journal of your first choice.
    • Submit the MS Word and PDF files of your full paper in your Author account in Sciforum:
      1. Log in to your Sciforum account (in Author Options > My Submissions)
      2. Click "Edit submission".
      3. Upload the files.
      4. Click "Submit files".
    • Wait until you receive notification or further instruction. This may take few days/weeks.