Q: I intend to participate in MIMEC2017 by submitting abstract only. Do I need to submit full paper?
A: No. MIMEC2017 welcome participation by abstract only.

Q: Is MIMEC2017 a Scopus or EI indexed conference?
A: 0) There is no such thing as "Scopus indexed conference". Most probably you/your institution expects conference which can lead to publication of your full papers in a Scopus indexed journal. 1) There is no single Proceedings of MIMEC2017, 2) Every full paper accepted will be published in one of MIMEC2017 partner journals, 3) Most partner journals of MIMEC2017 are having impact factor or ISI/Web of Science/Scopus/EI indexed. Eventually, we expect that in the full papers will be Scopus/EI indexed.

Q: Why don't you have single Proceedings of MIMEC2017 to publish the full papers?
A: Indeed, we have partner journals and conference proceedings as publishing outlets. In previous MIMEC conference series, we partnered with big publishers to publish in their periodicals (mostly the periodicals are ISI/WoS/Scopus indexed). We were informed that this is not sufficient. In recent development, we received feedback that some universities consider papers published in those periodicals as "conference proceedings" papers, and not as "journal" papers. This classification is obvious, particularly for Scopus indexing. Also, a good number of participants only wanted to come and present their work (abstract only participation).
To cater these expectations, MIMEC2017 explores additional approach. ALL full papers will be distributed to partner journals or conference proceedings, with Authors' consent. We are using our network with Editors (in Chief) of the journals (some of them are member of our Committees) for this purpose. Please note that this means more work on our side (Chairs and Committees) to Guest Edit and in reviewing each full paper. However, we are ready for that, to serve our participants better. This approach will also bring the operational cost (for publication) down, and participants can enjoy low(er) registration fee.

Q: You mentioned that you will distribute ALL accepted full papers. Do you have agreement with partner journals that match the total number of accepted full papers?
A: Yes, the number matches. The number of accepted full papers in MIMEC2017 is limited by the number of slots available in partner journals. We shall add more partner journals if needs be. From previous experiences, the number of slots available in partner journal is more than the number of accepted full papers. If everything goes well, all full papers will be published in the special issues or regular issues of the journals.

Q: Who determines which paper goes to which journal?
A: You do, in early stage of your full paper submission. However, the decision/recommendation is at the discretion of the Chairs, taking into account the reviews by the Committees and external reviewers.

Q: I need acceptance letter for administrative things in my institution. Can you provide them?
A: Yes. You need to fill in the Registration Form at the website. Afterwards, we shall email you the Acceptance/Invitation Letter and Invoice.

Q: I need invitation letter to apply for visa to Malaysia. Can you provide them?
A: Yes. Email us the relevant info: your complete name (as written on the passport) and attach scanned copy of your passport. You also need to complete the registration and attach the registration fee payment proof.

Q: I prefer to present by poster. Do you have poster session? How can I tell the committee about this?
A: Yes, there will be poster sessions. When you submit your abstract, please select "Yes" for Poster. Also, in the registration form at the website, there is option for "Preferred mode of presentation"; please choose "Poster".

Q: I want to participate in MIMEC2017 and submit my full paper, but I can not attend the conference. Can my paper be published with MIMEC2017?
A: We discourage this practice. However, if you have strong reason, we will accommodate your request. Please let us know in advance.

For questions or comments, please contact us.